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What are Hashtags ?

As it is in wikipedia Hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#), used on social media websites and applications, especially Twitter, to identify messages on a specific topic. Hashtags are daily used terms or words without any wordpreak or punctuation, this makes any content on social media easily categorised which results into more engagement on your content.

Let me give you an example, You are posting a photo of pizza on your instagram ( or any social media ) profile without any hashtags, in that case only the perople who follows you will be able to see the post and if they shares it then it might reach other people.

However if you have used some hashtags which are related to your content and expresses the photo then the post will be visible to many other people other than your friends or followers who are interested in that perticular topic or has interacted with similar hashtags are like the secret sauce to your recipe that takes the taste from mediocore to yummy.

Why should you use hashtags ?

Hashtags are used to serve social media content to wider audience via interest modelling algorithm that keeps on checking what kind of things one is interested in and shows that kind posts to that person. So it always increases the chance of getting found and reaching bigger audience by using proper hashtags on your post. Did you know 75% of the Biggest Tiktokers have used our hashtags to generate tiktok hashtags for the best results ?

What does Epichashtags do ?

Epichashtags is a search engine for trending hashtags all around the uses advanced natural language processing and artificial intelligence to produce the most engaged hashtags for a particular topic or term, So that getting engagements on your social media posts is no more a secret. It's also an hashtag generator with multiple words search Mechanism.

How we determine trend of a hashtag

The trend of any topic or hashtag is something that cannot be obtained in a very straight forward manner.So we achieve it by running a down-to-top social trends algorithm which keeps on tracking the current trends by netizens and by that and other parameters like engagements on a specific topic we produce the trend statistics.

How we determine the hashtags for best results

Our machine learning engine keeps on training models from all around the world of social medias and latest happenings in the real world. And by combining the best of the two worlds we create a time series of topic-modellings and from that we generate the best combinations of hashtags which results in the maximum ROI.

Release Notes

Version 1.0.2:
  • Dark mode is available now for more customisation.
  • Favourites/Save feature is available for saving frequently accessed data.
  • Offline Access is enabled now for better user experience.
  • Optimized overall application performance and fixed platform wide bugs.
Version 1.0.1:
  • Added more flexibility while searching for hashtags.
  • Improved the search performance by 400% faster execution speed.